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Polish cuisine is a product of long history and comes in variety of dishes, tastes and flavors. Different regions have contributed their own specialities of Polish food. And not just regions. Throughout centuries Poland has been home to many guests of other nations. This is why French, Italian, German, Ukrainian, Jewish and even Oriental influences are present in Polish cooking. And modern cooks keep adding their own ideas.

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Rosol - Polish Broth


Rosol is probably the most frequently eaten soup in Poland. It’s usually prepared from chicken and beef meat. But turkey proves a magnificent ingredient too.

In English broth is a somewhat wide term. In Poland it’s quite clearly defined. After it’s heated, it’s a rather dense and distinctively-tasting soup. Almost always it’s served with noodles and very often with chopped parsley which imparts nice freshness to Rosol.


Polish Rosol


Why is Rosol so popular in Poland? Well - for a number of reason. First of all it seems to harmonize very well with many other dishes of Polish cuisine. So you can serve Rosol for the start and then continue with pork chops or duck stuffed with apples or maybe beef or still something else. It is also considered to be a very healthy and invigorating dish. (That’s why it’s also sometimes “strengthened” with garlic and served to prevent a cold. Arguably more a medicine than a dish then.) And the third reason is that it’s simply... very tasty! To get convinced of that however, you’ll need to go beyond this site and just have some well-prepared Polish Rosol Smile