So much begins with a meal...

Polish cuisine is a product of long history and comes in variety of dishes, tastes and flavors. Different regions have contributed their own specialities of Polish food. And not just regions. Throughout centuries Poland has been home to many guests of other nations. This is why French, Italian, German, Ukrainian, Jewish and even Oriental influences are present in Polish cooking. And modern cooks keep adding their own ideas.

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Polish Golabki


Polish Golabki is an undisputed classic of Polish cuisine. Quite simple in preparation, it gives you a lot of enjoyment. It is a tasty, light and versatile meal, good for any time of the day.

Golabki is cabbage rolls or stuffed cabbage. It consists of a cabbage leaf in which a filling of rice and meat is placed. The other necessary ingredient is sauce.


Golabki in tomato sauce
Golabki in tomato sauce 


The proportions of rice and meat in the stuffing can differ. Usually there's more rice, but it can be changed to taste. Most frequently a mushroom or tomato sauce is used to complement the dish.

It should be prepared in sufficient amount, because the filling itself feels rather dry. So for maximum satisfaction you should always have enough sauce for your golabki. So, as you have already guessed, the secret of a good Polish golabki lies in the fillings and the sauce.


golabki in mushroom sauce
Golabki in mushroom sauce 


When you are already familiar with the most classic ways of making the dish, you can freely experiment with other fillings or sauces. For example, you can try using groats instead of rice or adding bacon with potatoes.


Golabki with graots in mushroom sauce
Golabki with graots in mushroom sauce 


Just like with pierogi, another Polish classic, possibilities are numerous. And that's where the thrill is. Golabki is often referred to as "golumpki", "gwumpki" and other similar names. None of those is correct, but they get close to the Polish pronunciation of the name (pron. go - om - pkee) . And, since we mention that, as a matter of fact golabki is plural in Polish and literally means "little pigeons". But don't worry - that's just a name Smile

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