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Polish cuisine is a product of long history and comes in variety of dishes, tastes and flavors. Different regions have contributed their own specialities of Polish food. And not just regions. Throughout centuries Poland has been home to many guests of other nations. This is why French, Italian, German, Ukrainian, Jewish and even Oriental influences are present in Polish cooking. And modern cooks keep adding their own ideas.

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The Traditional Tastes of Poland
By Victoria Cochrane


More and more these days, holidaymakers deciding on travel plans are counting the local cuisines of possible destinations into their equations. And with so many places to choose from for a trip away, a detail as deceptively small as the food can often swing the vote in favor of one particular location.

Food is a definite winner for Poland. As if the country didn't have enough going for it - like a rich history, beautiful towns and cities, quaint villages with old-fashioned transport systems and a social life rivalled by none, Polish cuisine is unforgettably delicious and one that you will find yourself looking up recipes for as soon as you arrive back home from your holiday.

Heavy on only the most filling ingredients, Polish cuisine features plenty of chicken and pork, as well as the stodgier vegetables, like carrots, parsnips, turnips and potatoes. Meals taken in restaurants and casual eateries in this exciting country are hearty and guaranteed to make even the most enthusiastic foodie full, so you won't be disappointed. Stacked with breads, pastries and other delicious home baking, Polish food is certainly satisfying and you won't need to go far to find it - cities like Krakow and even smaller places are awash with street vendors selling mouth-watering pastries and servings of fries are very common so you'll never go hungry.

There are a few dishes that have become national symbols of Poland that really ought to be sampled. Borscht, for example, is a tasty soup with beetroot as its main ingredient, prepared different depending on whether you are having it hot or cold. Follow this up with one of Poland's most famous dishes: dumplings. Polish dumplings, or pierogi, are served in a variety of forms - from sweet to spicy to salty. Traditionally, the dumplings are filled with meat, mushrooms and vegetables, though you can even have them stuffed the fruit as a dessert. Pierogi are usually served with sugar and melted butter and a delicious insight to some of Poland's festival dishes.

Pizza in Poland comes with a twist as ketchup is used on the dough instead of tomato sauce - try it to discover your preference for yourself. And, of course, don't forget to wash everything down with some of Poland's fantastic lagers. Popular and inexpensive, Poland's own drinks are second to none and certainly worth sampling - so make sure you try one or two when you're exploring this incredible country's cuisine and convince friends to make the most of cheap calls to Poland so you can tell them all about it. Na zdrowie!

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