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There's much more to Polish drink than just vodka! Historically mead and beer were first. Today all are important with the addition of local specialities like sliwowica (slivovitz). And there's the whole unexplored world of nalewkas!

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Polish Potato vodka: Luksusowa

It is often claimed that a good vodka must be made from grain. Is it true? The answer is clear: It is not! Here's one of the world's best vodkas which is made from potatoes: Luksusowa!


Polish Potato Vodka 'Luksusowa'
Polish Potato Vodka 'Luksusowa' 


Luksusowa (Luxurious Vodka) regularly wins awards at international contests. Its pure taste explains why. Luksusowa as a brand has been present on the market since 1928. Today you can enjoy the classic, dry type, but there are also flavored ones. 

Polish vodka Luksusowa is sold in bottles of unique design (see picture). This Polish vodka is a perfect companion to many Polish meals, be it bigos, pork chop or a well-prepared herring. According to available figures Luksusowa accounts for about 10% of yearly vodka sales in Poland. Abroad it still seems to remain in relative obscurity. This original potato vodka definitely deserves more!

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