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Polish Cheery Wine
There's much more to Polish drink than just vodka! Historically mead and beer were first. Today all are important with the addition of local specialities like sliwowica (slivovitz). And there's the whole unexplored world of nalewkas!

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How to make Polish Sliwowica

How to make Polish Sliwowica (Polish Slivovitz)


This is a basic recipe for Polish Sliwowica.

You will need:

  • About 5 kg (about10-11 lbs.) fresh plums
  • A fermentation pot and empty bottles
  • A distillation setup


Get whole, ripe or even overripe, fresh, good quality plums. Using right fruits is crucial for success! No dried prunes or things like that are allowed. Remove the stems. Wash the plums, when they’re dry cut them into pieces. Removing the stones is not recommended for a "real" Sliwowica. But you can do it if you want. The taste is going to be somewhat smoother then.


Zoladkowo-Gorzka Vodka (Special Herbs Bitter Polish Vodka)

Zoladkowo-Gorzka (Special Herbs Bitter Vodka) is a flavored vodka, prepared with herbs and dried fruits. To some extent it is prepared in a similar way to Polish nalewkas (infusions) – herbs are macerated in alcohol. The vodka is matured before it is bottled. Zoladkowo-Gorzka is rather sweet and herbal in taste, and brownish in colour (thanks to the addition of caramel). The sweetness is distinct but not overwhelming.

Special Herbs Bitter Polish Vodka
Zoladkowo-Gorzka Vodka
Special Herbs Bitter Vodka
(small bottle)

This herbs bitter vodka is actually quite pleasant to taste. As such it’s “easier” to drink than many dry vodkas. But on the other hand its sweet flavor makes it somewhat harder to pair with food. It will go well with desserts or meals which contain sweet sauces. Or it can be drunk just for the pleasure of it, of course. As every vodka, Zoladkowo-Gorzka should be served chilled or on the rocks with a slice of lemon.

Polish Potato vodka: Luksusowa

It is often claimed that a good vodka must be made from grain. Is it true? The answer is clear: It is not! Here's one of the world's best vodkas which is made from potatoes: Luksusowa!


Polish Potato Vodka 'Luksusowa'
Polish Potato Vodka 'Luksusowa' 


Luksusowa (Luxurious Vodka) regularly wins awards at international contests. Its pure taste explains why. Luksusowa as a brand has been present on the market since 1928. Today you can enjoy the classic, dry type, but there are also flavored ones. 

Introducing Polish vodka: Zubrowka

is perhaps that Polish vodka which most easily wins hearts of foreigners. So many times have we witnessed someone looking with joyful disbelief at their just-emptied, first-ever glass of Zubrowka, that we know that for sure. And we think we know how to explain that effect. It's simply that Zubrowka is not just another high-quality vodka.

Polish vodka "Bison Grass" Zubrowka also has a very distinctive taste, quite different from any other vodka. Although dry, Zubrowka has a delicate herbal flavor and slightly yellowish colour, thanks to the tincture of zubrowka grass added to the distillate. The grass lends its name to the vodka.


Polish vodka 'Zubrowka'
Polish vodka 'Zubrowka'


But why is there a bison (or buffalo if you will) on the vodka's label? 

Polish Vodka: Wyborowa
'Wyborowa' is one of top and best known Polish vodkas. Its very name means "superb" in Polish and was coined in 19th century when the drink was first produced. 
A bottle of Polish Wyborowa vodka on top of Polish wooden chess set
A bottle of  Wyborowa vodka on top of Polish wooden chess set
Today's Polish vodka 'Wyborowa' benefits directly from that tradition as its formula has remained mainly unchanged through the years.
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