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Red Apple - Polish Restaurant in Chicago


3121 N Milwaukee Ave,

Chicago, IL 60618

Fax: 773 588 3975



The place advertizes as an all you-can-eat buffet restaurant with affordable prices and good quality. The menu includes Polish dishes but it also goes beyond Polish cuisine to offer some international items.



Kredens - Polish Restaurant in New York


6636 Fresh Pond Rd

New York, NY 11385

Tel. 718-628-5214




Featured by chef Jarek Jasinski, the restaurant offers some simple but ever-appealing dishes like pierogi, borscht or potato pancakes, as well as “more advanced” ones like braised veal with baked apples or herb-marinated braised pork shoulder. Favorably reviewed by The New York Times.


Old Krakow - Polish Restaurant in San Francisco

385 West Portal Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94127

Fax: +1925 439 5721

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




This restaurant, named after Poland’s most beatuful town, offers a choice of Polish culinary classics. Solid meals with strong flavor dominate. Typical Polish desserts are also served.


Polish restaurants in London


Are you looking for something a bit different from the more common cuisines eg French or Italian? Please taste Polish food.

Really interesting recipes, tastes and flavors. Here is a list of the some places in London UK, where you can enjoy polish pierogi, barszcz (barshch), smalec and more Cool. Click on the image below to see the map of restaurants with Polish food in London.



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