When visiting Poland and the Malopolska (Lesser Poland) region there is no excuse for not travelling to Tarnow (the second largest town in Malopolska, just an hour East of Krakow). And visiting Tarnow we should not miss a very interesting nalewka made of sloeberries, called ‘Tarninowka’.

Everyone has heard about Polish vodka but not many people seem to know about Polish nalewka. And that is very wrong because nalewka is THE Polish speciality, very typical of the country's tradition.

What is then nalewka? Polish Nalewka is an alcoholic drink of about 40-50% alcohol by volume, which has a natural flavor, usually herbal or fruity. The flavor is derived by maceration of herbs, fruits or spices which are placed in alcohol. Other substances, e.g. sugar, honey or syrup are often used too.

Polish nalweka 'Ziolowa'
Polish nalewka 'Ziolowa'