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Tasty Polish Food - Mutton
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Polish recipes: Golabki (golumpki, gwumpki)

How to make Polish Golabki (Cabbage Rolls) in mushrooms sauce? (a classic recipe)

You will need:

  • 1 cabbage
  • rice
  • meat (pork, beef, turkey)
  • onion
  • mushrooms
  • salt, pepper
  • cream

Golabki in mushroom sauce
Golabki in mushroom sauce 
Golabki ('golumpki', 'gwumpki') have three main parts: cabbage, filling and sauce. This is how to prepare them.

How to make Polish Pancakes with jam?


Here we've found a great video about one of the Polish delicacies: pancakes with jam. Just watch the video below to see how there are made - outstanding polish recipe Cool.

Something really strong: Polish Sliwowica (Polish Slivovitz)

Sliwowica (slivovitz) has long been recognized as a top achievement of Polish alcohol-making craft. It is a strong (about 70% vol. or 140 proof) plum brandy. High-quality Polish sliwowica is pleasant to the taste and has a delicate fruity aroma, despite its strength. When you take a little sip and close your eyes, you can almost see sunny plum orchards where the drink has its beginnings.


Lacka slivovitz (Sliwowica Lacka)

The history of Polish sliwowica goes back to the 17th century. How is a real sliwowica made?

We proudly present: Polish Pierogi

Pierogi are undoubtedly one of most significant Polish specialities. It happens very often that an unsuspecting visitor from abroad is served pierogi in Poland and all of the sudden becomes a life-long fan. So what are Polish pierogi and why are they such a hit?


Pierogi - lighter ones are "pierogi ruskie", and darker ones - pierogi with spinach 

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