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Tasty Polish Food - Mutton
New tastes and flavors make life so much more exciting! Especially with Polish food and drink!
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Polish Vodka: Wyborowa
'Wyborowa' is one of top and best known Polish vodkas. Its very name means "superb" in Polish and was coined in 19th century when the drink was first produced. 
A bottle of Polish Wyborowa vodka on top of Polish wooden chess set
A bottle of  Wyborowa vodka on top of Polish wooden chess set
Today's Polish vodka 'Wyborowa' benefits directly from that tradition as its formula has remained mainly unchanged through the years.

Polish Golabki


Polish Golabki is an undisputed classic of Polish cuisine. Quite simple in preparation, it gives you a lot of enjoyment. It is a tasty, light and versatile meal, good for any time of the day.

Golabki is cabbage rolls or stuffed cabbage. It consists of a cabbage leaf in which a filling of rice and meat is placed. The other necessary ingredient is sauce.


Golabki in tomato sauce
Golabki in tomato sauce 


The proportions of rice and meat in the stuffing can differ. Usually there's more rice, but it can be changed to taste. Most frequently a mushroom or tomato sauce is used to complement the dish.

Polish Bread


One cannot overestimate the meaning of bread in Polish cuisine and tradition. It has been an essential part of them both for centuries. Now the variety of different bread types available at the nearest grocer's is taken for granted.


Polish Bread


But in the past ages time of hardship often struck, and bread was treated with great respect. It was visible in folk customs.

Nalewka Tarninowka

When visiting Poland and the Malopolska (Lesser Poland) region there is no excuse for not travelling to Tarnow (the second largest town in Malopolska, just an hour East of Krakow). And visiting Tarnow we should not miss a very interesting nalewka made of sloeberries, called ‘Tarninowka’.
Ruby in colour and very delicate in flavor despite of "decent" content of alcohol, ‘Tarninowka’  is a great beverage for family meetings and other social events.
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