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Rosol - Polish Broth


Rosol is probably the most frequently eaten soup in Poland. It’s usually prepared from chicken and beef meat. But turkey proves a magnificent ingredient too.

In English broth is a somewhat wide term. In Poland it’s quite clearly defined. After it’s heated, it’s a rather dense and distinctively-tasting soup. Almost always it’s served with noodles and very often with chopped parsley which imparts nice freshness to Rosol.


Polish Rosol



Polish Recipes: Żurek (Rye Soup)


Sometimes called the ‘yesterday's menu soup’,
żurek is a dish that has been enjoyed by many
generations of Poles.

How to make Polish Żurek?

Sometimes called the ‘yesterday's menu soup’, 'Żurek' is a dish that has been enjoyed by many generations of Poles.

There are as many recipes for cooking żurek as there are regions of Poland. It is made differently in Kraków (with vegetables) than in Kielce, Podlasie, Namysłów and elsewhere. The one essential, common ingredient is the leaven made of fermented rye flour with a piece of whole-meal bread crust.

The Lenten Żurek is a very plain soup, served with a minimum of basic ingredients. When fasting is done, żurek becomes a rich soup generously supplemented with cook's special reserves of sausage, spare ribs, bacon cracklings or a hard-boiled egg.


Polish soup: Żurek
Polish soup: Żurek


To make 'Żurek' you will need:

Polish Mead

Mead belongs to those Polish specialties which deserve much more attention than they currently get.

It was mead, together with beer, which was the earliest alcoholic drink known in Poland. It was used there as early as in the 10th century and even before. (Indeed, mead was one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the history of human civilization.)

Polish Mead - "Poltorak" (oneandahalfer)
Polish Mead - "Poltorak" (oneandahalfer)
small bottle

Since wine was never a dominant produce among Polish-made drinks, mead was its local substitute to some extent.
Streetmarket Trading in Poland
Probably each country has its street markets. People shop there daily for fresh food. And so it is in Poland.
On the pictures below you can see the 'Burek' street market in Tarnow, southern Poland.
A rich choice of vegetables, fruits and other kinds of Polish food, as seen in Polish everyday “real life”. Smile
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