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Pierogi Festival in Krakow

The 7th annual Pierogi Festival in Krakow took place on 14th-16th August. Several restaurants and food producers presented their offers.

There was a lot to taste: pierogis with different fillings, either cooked or fried with their crispy golden crust, as well as traditional oscypek cheese from the mountains.


Pierogi Festival in Kraków
Pierogi Festival in Kraków


Live music was played onstage. And not just Polish folk music. As it turned out for example, sung jazz standards go very well with Polish pierogi! See our photos of this event.

If you want to take part in the next Pierogi Festival, visit Poland and Krakow next year! Smile



Streetmarket Trading in Poland
Probably each country has its street markets. People shop there daily for fresh food. And so it is in Poland.
On the pictures below you can see the 'Burek' street market in Tarnow, southern Poland.
A rich choice of vegetables, fruits and other kinds of Polish food, as seen in Polish everyday “real life”. Smile
Polish Food Names (Audio Glossary)



Pound cake




Egg–plant, Aubergine


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