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Hi there! Welcome to our site, we are happy that you're here. This site is about having fun with Polish food, drink, music and lifestyle.

We are a team based in southern Poland: Krakow and Tarnow. These towns, and especially Krakow, are great places to enjoy Polish food, drink and life. We certainly know how to do it. We believe that having new experience and sharing it with others is what makes life exciting. Poland has great things to offer. Let's start with food and drink. And then let's go beyond. Interesting people, music and stories go so well with a good meal!

We do hope that you share with us your opinions, wishes, remarks and criticism. It's up to you what will appear in this site, and what direction it will take!

Also feel free to write about your experience and questions about Polish food, drink, culture, names etc. We will answer your questions and post your stories.

We start with some of Poland's most characteristic dishes and drinks. Expect more to come soon!

A little disclaimer: English is not our mother tongue, so please excuse us any mistakes or awkwardness of expression. Feel free to correct us at this respect. We also invite you to send us any other corrections you might like to make. Sometimes there are different ways of preparing a meal, serving a drink etc. If you wish to complement our info, please do! Team


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